A Performance Series


May 15 – June 15 2008

The project began in May of 2008 in conjunction with the New Life Festival hosted by Wooloo Productions.

Why Berlin?
Thousands of artists from around the world are currently living and meeting in Berlin. On the “map” of the internationalized art system, Berlin has in the last years become an atypical German city – incorporating a multitude of different artistic streams and serving as a budding stage for the development of a truly global art community.

The growing group of cultural practitioners living in Berlin are constantly exchanging experiences, ideas and knowledge with other likeminded individuals within (and far from) the urban confines of the city. Through these processes, the different groups are forming and fortifying new human networks independent of specific citizenships and traditional nationalistic expectations.

Looking at contemporary Berlin can help us analyse the ongoing (re-)production of cultural signs that constitutes the power structures of the Western nation state. In this important way, the artistic communities of the city are becoming essential for understanding how new collective networks are constructed globally today.

About Wooloo
WOOLOO is an artists-run organization based in Berlin, Germany. It was developed by Wooloo Productions – an experimental production company founded in 2002. Wooloo Productions works as space providers by creating and maintaining collaborative frameworks for human interaction. Its purpose is to foster new and relevant opportunities for emerging artists. Collaborating with curators and art institutions around the world, they work to develop projects and exhibitions dealing with significant contemporary issues. Wooloo.org currently maintains a network of close to 10,000 unique users.