A Performance Series


July 1 – July 30 2011

The fifth itineration of the project began in July 2011  in conjunction with Washington State University and Caravansarai.

About Caravansarai
is an independent art production space and meeting point for creators in Istanbul, Turkey.

Just as the historical caravansarais hosted camel caravans along the Silk Road, we host creative people–with or without camels–from around the globe for collaboration, experimentation, research and exchange.

Our building exists to support things we like: collaborative efforts, workshops, investigation, dinner parties, public and private events, and artist-in-residence programs. It is also home to Anika’s circus, Julie’s art studio, a nice terrace, and other shared and private living and work spaces. (We do not have exhibitions, nor are we a gallery)

We welcome visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, circus performers, architects, choreographers, curators, writers, artisans, urban theorists and all manner of creative people.

Caravansarai is an artist-run business adventure, exploring the integration of art and culture into the flow of every-day life. We want Caravansarai to be a vibrant oasis of ideas and energies, which carries the productive hum of the historical bazaar into the contemporary arts practice of the future.