A Performance Series

New Orleans

May 4 – June 3 2010

The fourth itineration of the project began in May of 2010 in conjunction with Washington State University and Home, New Orleans?.

About Home, New Orleans?
Using our creative power to strengthen, revitalize, and rebuild community

HOME, New Orleans? is a community-based, arts-focused network of organizations, universities, schools, artists, and neighbors that brings diverse constituencies together to create positive change in New Orleans. Our focus is home in its many manifestations: individual dwellings, neighborhoods, and the city itself. Our process emphasizes sustainable ways to contribute to ongoing neighborhood life. That is, HOME, New Orleans? responds to local priorities through neighborhood and community arts projects, memorials, youth theatre workshops, performance and installation art–any art-making that enhances life and creates new opportunities to rebuild community for New Orleans and its residents. Creative expression is a tool for shaping and strengthening all of our communities together. We believe merging art-making, education, and community involvement will produce more powerful opportunities for individuals, neighborhoods, and the city as a whole.

Home, New Orleans has been made possible in part through a partnership with the National Performance Network.