A Performance Series

Notes from Relational Aesthetics

By Nicolas Bourriaud

1) The role of the artwork is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and models of action within the existing real, whatever the scale chosen by the artist.

2) The possibility of a relational art (an art taking as its theoretical horizon the realm of human interactions and its social context, rather then the assertion of an independent and private symbolic space) points to a radical upheaval of the aesthetic, cultural and political goals introduced by modern art.

3) It is no longer possible to regard the contemporary work as a space to be walked through (the “owners” tour is akin to the collector’s). It is henceforth presented as a period of time to be lived through, like an opening to unlimited discussion.

4) Duchamp: “Art is a game between all people of all periods.”

5) What do we mean by form? A coherent unit, a structure which shows the typical features of a world.

6) What does a from become when it os plunged into the dimension of dialog? What is the form that is essentially relational?

7) There are no forms in nature, in the wild state, as it is our gaze that creates these, by cutting them out in the depth of the visable.

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